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Going through a divorce is challenging for anyone. As a parent, you have to face additional questions and uncertainties about how this event will shape your child’s future and your own. Determining child custody arrangements and negotiating child support can be especially difficult, as emotions tend to run high and these decisions carry significant consequences. When you work with a committed and experienced family law attorney from the Law Office of Adrienne D. Edward P.C., you can rest assured that your best interests, and those of your children, will be adamantly protected. Our top priority is ensuring that you and your children receive the support and stability you need in order to enjoy a bright future.

Determining Child Custody in New Jersey and New York

As you and your spouse start planning for your newly independent futures, you will need to determine with whom your child will reside and for how long. There are two primary forms of child custody, being physical and legal custody. Physical custody determines where the child will live the majority of the time, while legal custody pertains to a parent’s right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing. As child custody arrangements are negotiated, the judge will take a look at several factors, including the ability of each parent to provide a safe and stable home environment for the child, their income level, their employment status, and the needs and wishes of the child. As much as possible—and assuming that both parents can safely care for the child— the judge will strive to establish a child custody agreement that allows the child to enjoy ample time with each parent. We will discuss your goals and concerns and work hard to ensure that you obtain a child custody arrangement that is equitable and favorable for your and your child.

Calculating Child Support Payments

During the divorce process, a judge will make sure that the child receives the financial support they need in order to thrive. Typically, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to make monthly child support payments to the custodial parent that go towards covering the costs associated with raising the child. The exact amount of these payments varies according to several factors, such as parental income and employment stability. If you want to make sure the best interests of your child are protected at every step of the divorce process, get in touch with our office today.

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