Practice Areas

With nearly two decades of experience, attorney Adrienne D. Edward has a wide range of legal knowledge and expertise. Whether you are in need of representation due to criminal or misdemeanor charges, seeking counsel in immigration cases, or looking for strong, compassionate guidance in divorce or other family law matters, she will ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are upheld.

The links below outline a brief overview of our practice areas. For more information, click on the links or call our office at (201) 420-8850 for answers to any of your questions.

Criminal Defense – If you are facing any type of criminal charges, a strong defense is crucial. A conviction can lead to jail time, excessive fines, the loss of your right to carry a firearm, and leave a permanent blemish on your record for future employment opportunities. Charges that we can help with include DUI, drug crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, burglary & robbery, federal crimes, juvenile crimes, homicide, weapons cases, probation violations, sex crimes, and others. Call (201) 420-8850 to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Law Office of Adrienne D. Edward P.C. will aggressively protect you and your freedom…

Immigration Law – Adrienne D. Edward is experienced in any  immigration law needs such as obtaining green cards, detention defense, visas, naturalization & citizenship, employment-based residency, family-based immigration and others. The process of application can be lengthy and complex. Working with an experienced attorney will ensure the best possible chance of success without delay. As an immigrant, you have rights. Call (201) 420-8850 for a knowledgeable immigration lawyer who will protect you and your family.

Municipal Court – Pleading guilty or making the choice to represent yourself in Municipal Court matters can lead to unforeseen consequences such as having your license suspended, steep fines and charges, higher insurance premiums and others. Adrienne D. Edward can assist you with any misdemeanor charges or other matters including DUI, traffic or parking tickets, disorderly conduct, simple assault, juvenile crimes, or any other Municipal Court counsel that you might need. Before you make any statement to authorities, consult with Municipal Court attorney Adrienne D. Edward at (201) 420-8850 for a clear understanding of your options and possible consequences you might face.

Family Law – Family law issues such as divorce, child custody, alimony or domestic violence are emotionally charged situations requiring strong guidance and compassionate understanding. Adrienne D. Edward can help you navigate the process and take the necessary steps towards a new beginning. She brings nearly two decades of legal experience combined with an objective and dedicated nature to her clients. For strong family law representation call (201) 420-8850 and speak with Adrienne D. Edward. She can help.

Division of Child Protection & Permanency – If you and your family are a target of a DCP&P investigation of child abuse or child neglect, you should consider speaking to a compassionate New Jersey DCP&P attorney as soon as possible. We can help you understand what is happening and what you can expect to happen in the future based on your circumstances. It is devastating to hear that an innocent junior member or your family may have been abused or neglected, but never more so than when you or another adult family member is thought to be responsible. Give us a call and get the advice of experienced DCP&P lawyer about how to proceed.

The Law Office of Adrienne D. Edwards P.C. can help you with a wide range of legal needs. Call (201) 420-8850 or simply fill out the form to the right for a free consultation.