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Making the decision to walk away from your marriage is a weighty one. There are so many details to think about, such as how your property and assets will be divided, which spouse will make alimony payments to the other spouse, and which parent will assume primary custody of the children. However, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are still able to communicate in an open and civil manner in order to reach a settlement, you have the option to pursue an uncontested divorce. For many people, the uncontested divorce process is more streamlined, allowing you both to end your marriage with satisfaction about the outcome. To learn more about uncontested divorce in New York or New Jersey, reach out to the Law Office of Adrienne D. Edward P.C. today.

Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey and New York

An uncontested divorce works for couples who are able to negotiate and reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce. While no one expects you to be on warm and friendly terms throughout the process, you will need to remain civil and collaborative in order for the process to be successful. Once you and your spouse have agreed to pursue an uncontested divorce, you will need to obtain and complete the proper divorce forms. You will discuss and document all the aspects of your separation, such as the division of property, alimony payments, child custody agreements, and more. Once you have reached an agreement, you will file the paperwork with the court and attend a final hearing. The judge will look over your papers, ask you some questions, and—if everything looks good—sign the final divorce decree, making your divorce official.

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While some people end up going through the uncontested divorce process without involving an attorney, it is highly advisable to meet with an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney at some point along the way. It is easy to become overwhelmed during the process, and it is helpful to have a legal professional step in and make sure your questions and concerns are addressed. At the Law Office of Adrienne D. Edward P.C., we want to make sure that the terms of your divorce are equitable and allow you both to move on with your lives with the solid foundation that you both deserve.

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